The hooded figure did not buy their cookies.

Uncle and niece harassing passers-by.

I’d rather you not reblog my art than remove my comments, thank you

Wright Anything Agency - Special Abilities

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The people who are meant to be in your life will always gravitate back towards you, no matter how far they wander.
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im serious. its 2014. dont bring back façade



imo if parents dont respect their kids then they dont deserve respect from their kids. im tired of people thinking that its normal for parents to treat their children like property or like they dont have feelings. im tired of people thinking that overprotective parents arent harmful. treat your children like people because thats what they ARE

christ yes

I’ve already seen the synopses and already I’m like ‘hooOOOOOOO boy….’

It’s gonna be fun.

oh my god I’m in the mood to play phoenix drive

goodbye sanity it was nice knowing you








[sleep-over voice] are you awake

[sleep-over reply voice] yeah

[regrettable sleepover invitee voice] you guys SHH

[confused sleep-over voice] what is the meaning of life

[annoyed sleep-over voice] dude shut up

[sleep-over host voice] you guys be quiet my moms gonna hear us

[unknown voice] you kids wanna buy some drugs


ユニバーサル・スタジオ・ジャパン / Universal Studios Japan (USJ) has a (One Piece-themed) Straw Hat Crew’s Feast Restaurant! Who wants to go??

Japan Lover Me contributor @_ashleydy just posted a review of the themed restaurant on her blog. Definitely a must-read if you’re currently arranging your Japan / Osaka travel itinerary

Candy Kawaii Lover blog: www.candykawaiilover.blogspot.jp/2014/08/usj-straw-hat-crews-feast-restaurant.html


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american money seems so confusing

its all the same colour so u have to like pay attention when ur giving people money

like what if u go to give a friend a dollar and accidentally give them $100??? what if u dont correct them???

add some colour 2 ur economy america

vive la australia

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wanna make a secret handshake it involves us touching our mouths together for three hours